Hits Radio Network – Content Distribution

Bauer Radio’s Hits Radio Network comprises more than 20 radio stations in major cities across the UK. The group faced a unique challenge: with shared programmes coming from various locations it was difficult to communicate across the business what content was featured on different shows.


The ‘Network Content Distribution’ system allows producers to post station info and audio clips so remote presenters can easily see what that’s station’s key priorities. The data is colour coded so you can see at a glance if the info is current or possibly out-of-date. The schedule displays programming changes on a per-station basis and a localised station-specific weather widget is also included.


The system was designed, and entirely custom-coded by the team at Clever Pig. It is available for syndication or customisation to your business.

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Hits Radio Network


Custom Design
PHP / MySql
XML Data Parsing
Fully Responsive
File Management
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